Episode 4 - Benny Candela interview with Ruste Juxx

January 16, 2023
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On this episode, we get to know artist Ruste Juxx in his interview with host Benny Candela.  
Plus, we got plenty of artist music to introduce to our listeners.
  1. Benny Candela Ft Ruste Juxx "Problem Kidd"
  2. MWK Da Goat "Pledge Allegiance"
  3. Niamke Tha Phreaky Lunatic "Charge"
  4. Rockness Monstah ft Ruste Juxx "Black Timbs On"
  5. Big Bob Ft Ruste Juxx "Your Way"
  6. Termanology Ft Kool G Rap "Let Ya Glock Burst"
  7. Ruste Juxx "But For Now"
  8. MWK Da Goat "Pronto
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