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May 01, 2022
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Rice and M-EZY are artist with many talents, wearing the hats of
entrepreneur, artist, songwriter, performer, entertainer, and philanthropist.
Together these two cofounders make up Hustle Work Grind Records (H.W.G.).
The label represents anyone and everyone who’s hustling, working, and grinding
to achieve their goals and ambitions. Along with that mantra, they believe, “It’s
not just a label it’s a way of life,” and the music being used as a tool to convey all
the ideas that the label mates share.
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Rice is a strong believer that music is a universal language, and it's something 
that is meant to educate, empower, and connect with others.     Rice’s  wide array 
of projects reflect his passion and ingenuity. Rice is a graduate student, but 
spends his time in the studio making music that matters.     Rice  is called a neo 
artist because he loves combining real life experience whether it be his own, or a 
lesson he learned in a movie, and depict it from a different perspective. His first 
released single, "Bet On It," is an example of the determination and ambition held
by  Rice . Since then Rice has collaborated with other artist to release singles such 
as Big Dreams, Round it Up ft J_Muzique, Psykasolar and Majesty and Stuntin’ For 
Da Money. Goal is to make music that matters and is relatable.     Rice  believes that
his greatest accomplishment is organizing a protest with a fellow alumnus from 
Nichols College and with his friend Ben's sister in his community following the 
death of George Floyd. Through the Black Lives Matter we spread awareness and 
were able to spread awareness and display our message about accountability 
through a majority of Webster Mass.   Rice and his friends organized a protest in 
4 days and over 700 people turned up at the protest.     Rice  is continuing to work 
on his first EP "Riding with Blindfolds" which has a later projected release. Quality 
over quantity is important and each release better than the last is the goal.
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M-EZY, Rice’s  brother, also believes music is a universal language that 
creates different vibes and energy.  Hailing from Roxbury Ma. M-EZY  takes pride 
in his inner city up bringing.  “It shaped me to be the man I am now and who 
people hear on the mic.” M-EZY feels his message is growth and strives to be a 
loud voice for the voiceless, along with teaching his 3 sons.  M-EZY  also has a 
varies amount of music with different collaborations.  “Down To Ride,” ft. 
NightsWellspent and other various mixtape songs to display his with word play 
and lyricism. The latest soon to be released project, “Still My Wave,” ft.  Rice  and 
Lorenzo, again displays the good energy and vibes that can be created through a 
record. Because of the entertainment value,  M-EZY  has also has been a host for 
different hip-hop shows, modeling events, and other things within the community
of Worcester and Boston.
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Rice  and  M-EZY  have performed at many notable live shows. They 
include the 2018 Beats and Barbecue, which they opened for Styles P and Sky 
Zoo.  They also performed for an Easter Seals Benefit event and help for a Cancer 
event.  The brother have also have organized community clean ups and given out 
school supplies for returning students.  They’re biggest event, which has 
produced 3 annual events, is the Dear Santa Christmas Extravaganza event.  It’s a 
combination of 3 brands that come together to thank families for they’re 
continued support through out the year.  The work will continue and the moto 
will be respected across the world as it is being introduced to the masses already. 
Rice  and  M-EZY  accept the role as leaders of the voiceless and will elevate while
keeping the constant reminder they’re still “Hustling, Working, and Grinding because it’s
the way of life.”


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